Frequently Asked Question


  • Do I require a survey for my vessel?


Surveys are required for Motor Cruisers & Yachts over 20 years old and ever 5 years thereafter.  Full Mast & rigging report for Racing Yachts and a Condition report / self-declaration report for Sports/ribs along with 2 photos 


  • Can family and friends use my vessel?


Yes, providing they have your permission the adequate experience


  • Can I sail my boat single handed?


Cover is provided for the vessel to be navigated single handed for a period up to 18 consecutive hours.


  • What should I do if I wish to make a change to my policy?


Freephone our office 1800 30 4000 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist 

  1. Is the boat covered when I am towing it?

Yes, Any boat up to 28 feet is covered for material damage providing on suitable trailer and fit for purpose. Any liability damage arising is covered under your motor policy.


  • Does a padlock and chain qualify as an outboard lock?


No, a padlock doesn’t qualify as an outboard lock and your policy terms require you to use 

one for them to  cover the loss in the event of theft. An outboard lock is a specially made/designed unit for the specific purpose of retaining your outboard engine to your boat. These vary in design depending on the size of your engine and can be purchased with most marine suppliers.


  • What is a market value policy?


The yachtsman policy is based on Market valued. A Market valued policy puts the client into the same position he was prior to a loss. That means we will repair his vessel at today repair costs or pay him the value of the boat or similar boat at today market value up to the original purchase price of the vessel. That does not mean the cheapest one we can find but an average value of the same or similar boat for sale on the market. We will also take into account any improvements the vessel has compared to the market. 


  • How can I pay for my insurance?


This could take various routes depending on renewal or new business. The easiest is to log on to and pay your premium by credit card.


  • Can I protect my No Claims Bonus ?


There is a protected No Claims Discount If you have been insured with us for a period of 5 or more consecutive years and benefiting from a full NCB prior to a claim. You will continue to benefit from the same discount at your next renewal.


  • How do I report a claim/ what to do in case of a claim?


In the event of a potential claim we would ask you to please contact us as soon as possible either by email or phone and notify us regarding your claim. From there we will send you a claims letter, outlining our claims process and a claim form which we would like you to  complete and return at your earliest convenience. Our claims team are always available to assist you with your claim.  


  • Is my Tender Insured ?

Tenders & outboard motors are covered up to a maximum combined value of €500, without declaration to us. If your tender & outboard is more than €500.00 you can simply contact are office and have it added to your policy. 



  • Will I be insured in Northern Ireland / UK after Brexit?


Yes,  We are pleased to confirm Yachtsman euromarine have in place the necessary licencesto enable us to continue to work across the EEA and the UK post Brexit and will therefore be able to provide a seamless service.  

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